Monday, March 06, 2017

We had out eye on this stock since August of 2016, noting it's high flying stock price which had moved up to around RM6.80 per share, where news hit of the scandal involving RHB Asset Management's CIO resignation. The former owns a substantial stake in this stock. Notable other substantial investors were Yeoman Capital Fund and its founder and fund manager Mr Yeo Seng Chong, both holding 6.7% stakes in Ulicorp.

When the share price flattened out, our mind was to buy some shares in Ulicorp.

Right at the start of the year 2017, on Jan 4, we managed to purchase some at around RM3.50, which at that time was trading at a 4Q PER of 14.74, which we viewed as being good "value" for a growth stock. Growth stock because the company had done a private placement to raise funds to build a new plant to cope with the flood of new orders.

As of lunch time closing, Ulicorp was last traded at RM4.33, a last 4Q PER of 20.06. Now it is up to management to perform, to convert the additional order book into profit. PER of 15+, not too far fetched for a growth stock?


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