Monday, March 06, 2017

Affin Holdings Bhd

A case study in buying a stock for value and it goes up for a different reason.
We bought this stock around 2.15-16, when it was consolidating and coiling the spring for the next move. We were of the opinion that this stock was neglected, with no analysts positive on prospects, but we viewed this stock was showing "value". When the Ringgit was crashing down to 4.4900s, the stock exhibited positive relative strength compared to the market, holding steady to a slight rise while the KLCI was falling to 1620s.

Fast forward to Feb 2017, the stock had move up a bit to 2.50, so we were in the money. Then I saw an annuncement that Affin Holdings Bhd would be assuming the full ownership of Affin Bank Bhd, which would assume the listing status of Affin Holdings Bhd, the restructuring would result in a clightly better NTA per share and earnings yield.

Now trades around 285-2.90s. We rest our case.....


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