Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Palm Oil Stockpiles to Stay Low in 1H Before Climbing in 2H: Fry
By Anuradha Raghu
(Bloomberg) -- Stockpiles will remain low in 1H before rising in 2H as production picks up, LMC International Chairman James Fry says in interview in Kuala Lumpur.
* "Because we're now in the low season of production, we're not going to see a significant increase in stocks until mid-year," Fry says. "After that, stocks can rise very abruptly"
* NOTE: Malaysian end-Dec. palm oil stockpiles at 1.67m tons
* Global palm oil production to rebound in 2017; will total just above production in 2015
* Prices in 2H will depend on Indonesia's biodiesel mandate and how much palm oil it can absorb out of the market
* Palm oil needs to have a bigger discount to other edible oils to increase its uptake as production recovers in 2H
* NOTE: Malaysia Crude Palm Oil Output Seen at 19.4m Tons in 2017: MPOB
* NOTE: Indonesia's Palm Oil Output Seen at 32m-33m Tons in 2017: Gapki

Does it matter, in the quest to make money? Basicaly no if it were so easy nobody would need to work, just read the 'stockpile' news and sit back to collect $....


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